Seminar for Historical Administration: Thank You!

I’ve been out of town for three weeks. THREE WEEKS!

That’s three weeks away from the office, my dog…and did I mention the office?

Where was I? I was at the Seminar for Historical Administration (SHA) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What is SHA? SHA is the longest-running professional development seminar in the country specifically targeted to full-time, paid staff of history institutions with a minimum of three years of challenging work experience in the history field and who are now in a position of administrative responsibility or are preparing for such a position.

I am a proud graduate of SHA 2011; the 52nd class in 53 years.

The past three weeks have been full of “a-ha” moments, opportunities to personally meet top leaders in the field and, of course, plenty of late night discussions regarding the future.

I will be blogging about my SHA experience, my new-found co-conspirators and more in the coming weeks but today I simply want to say, “thank you.”

Thank you to:

American Association for State and Local History (AASLH)

American Association of Museums (AAM)

Colonial Williamsburg

The Indiana Historical Society

The National Museum of African American History and Culture

The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Thank you for your ongoing financial support of SHA! Please know that your contribution has made a significant impact on the class of 2011.

Watch out museum world, there’s a whole bunch of bold coming your way!

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