About Museum Minute

Museum Minute was started on December 31, 2010, as the brain child of Lindsay Smith, a museum and archives consultant and founder of the consulting firm, Exhibitsmith (read her first post: “Have a minute?” here). As many bloggers know, writing is a full time job and, in the summer of 2011, Lindsay sought out a few co-bloggers to balance out the workload and provide different points of view. That’s when Jamie Glavic and Heather Stecklein came on board. As time progressed, the blog became a regular (professional) soapbox for Jamie and, so, in the summer of 2012, she took on the primary responsibility of managing and writing for Museum Minute with Lindsay and Heather’s blessing.

Museum Minute is a blog about museums for museum professionals and museum enthusiasts. It is a blog full of resources: links to other museum blogs, regular posts on best practices and reports/studies, announcements for professional development opportunities, and features on the relevant news and people of the day.

Most importantly, though, Museum Minute is a blog about you. It’s a blog about the issues, news and people that make the museum profession the dynamic, challenging and culturally significant vocation that it is. It is a place to foster discussion regarding the contemporary issues and hot topics in the field. It is a blog where we want to have conversations; where we want to hear your voice. If you blog about museums, if you feel strongly about something you read here, or if you just have something significant to say, let us know: comment, write a guest post, or get profiled in our “Meet a Museum Blogger” series. Get involved, because that’s what Museum Minute is all about.

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