Meet a Museum Blogger

Meet a Museum Blogger: Beverley Rogers

Beverley Rogers is passionate about Egypt.

The Ph.D.candidate at Swansea University is writing a thesis on the Reverend William MacGregor, a collector of Egyptian antiquity and a key player in the early years of the Egypt Exploration Society. Her research interests include the history of Collections, the history of Egyptology, and all things Egyptomania related.

Beverley also teaches Egyptology courses for the Department of Adult Education at Swansea  and in her spare time runs a community book room.

Are you ready to learn more about Beverley? Let’s dive into her profile!

Beverley RogersDo you work in a museum? If not, where do you work? Tell us about your job.

I am a Ph.D. researcher at Swansea University and am in my final year of writing my thesis within the Egyptology Department.

What’s your educational background?

I came to Swansea University as a mature student after spent 15 years working in the banking industry.  I received a B.A. (Hons) in Egyptology in 2006 and began my Ph.D. part-time that same year.

What was your ‘sticky’ moment?

I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2000 and was fascinated by the Egyptian Collection. I spent hours looking at the exhibits but also remember feeling frustrated that I knew very little about their history. As soon as I came back to the UK I enrolled in an adult education course on Egyptology and the rest, as they say, is history. I was hooked!

What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging?

My blog is called Collecting Egypt and I began tentatively in 2007 but it wasn’t until 2011 when I began to post seriously.

What do you blog about? Why?

I blog on all issues regarding the collecting of Egyptian antiquity. This can include museum reviews, exhibitions, looting, sales, ethical issues, current research, history of collections and collectors, and everything in between. Egyptian collections, especially the history of them, has been a passion of mine for many years.

What’s the last exhibit you saw?

I went to Rome this March and visited the Vatican Museum. The Egyptian collection there is wonderful – beautifully laid out and gorgeously lit. The mummy room was amazing and completely packed with visitors when I went. My favourite object was a white marble statue of the god Anubis, who guided the dead into the underworld. It dates from the 1-2 century AD. Anubis is represented in Roman style toga but with Egyptian iconography. In his right hand, Anubis holds a sistrum whilst in his left hand he holds the caduceus of Hermes, which was used to guide souls in Greek-Roman religion. The statue is from Anzio, more specifically from the Villa Pamphili (Inventory number 22840).

What’s the last thing you bought at a museum gift shop?

A mummy shaped computer data stick. I absolutely love all things mummy related and I have a huge selection of soft toys, horror posters, pens and pencils and various knick knacks around the house. I couldn’t resist this latest purchase and use it when I give presentations. It always raises a smile.

Do you tweet? Why or why not?

Yes! I tweet at @CollectingEgypt. It is a great way to keep up to date with news as it happens and I have made some great contacts via Twitter that would have been very difficult to do any other way.

If you were forced to spend the rest of your life in a library, a museum or a zoo, which would you choose and why?

Most definitely a museum – and it would be the British Museum, as it has a special place in my heart. As a child I went on school trips there and every time I now visit London, I just have to go even if I only have half an hour to spare.

Share one piece of advice for those interested in working in the museum field:

Volunteer at your local museum!  It is a great way to gain some experience and share your passion for history with others.

Thanks for participating in Meet a Museum Blogger, Beverley! And for those of you interested in either starting down the road toward a career in museums, or those just looking for active ways to get more involved, Beverley’s advice is great: VOLUNTEER! You may not get to handle the Mona Lisa or Abraham Lincoln’s hat on the first day (or, most likely, ever), but the skills you pick up, the relationships you will build and the resources you give back to the institution, in the form of your time and energy, are invaluable.

In case you missed it, Beverley blogs at Collecting Egypt.

Do you have any additional questions for Beverley regarding her profile above? Feel free to start a conversation in the comments below or reach out to her directly on Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @CollectingEgyptPlease use the #MuseumBlogger hashtag. TY!

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