What Happened in Museums this Week?

What Happened in Museums This Week? May 11 – 17

Barbie Museum Protest

Protests Mar Barbie Museum Opening

The opening of a museum in Berlin celebrating Barbie dolls was disrupted Thursday by protesters who say the popular doll distorts girl’s image of their own bodies.

“Fewer and fewer girls feel comfortable in their own skin, with eating disorders having increased drastically because of figures like Barbie,” said Stevie Schmiedel from Initiative Pink Stinks, which campaigns against the promotion of gender roles in advertising and products. To read more, click here.

Bicyclists Rejoice

Hundreds of Bicyclists Pour through National Museum in Amsterdam Again After 10-year Detour

Guards removed the final barriers blocking the way, and a cheer went up from the crowd. Moments later, a small army mounted on bicycles of all shapes and sizes eagerly stormed the path that leads straight through the heart of the Netherlands’ newly renovated national museum. To read more, click here.

New Museums in Dubai

Two New Museums to Open in Al Shindagha in Dubai

Two more museums are set to open within the year to educate the public on the country’s different variety of clothes and the types of ornaments used in historical buildings.

Speaking yesterday at a municipality event to commemorate International Museums Day, Rashad Bukhash, Director of Architectural Heritage Department at Dubai Municipality, explained that the clothes museum copies a similar idea of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which displays the timeline of clothes used throughout history. To read more, click here.

Newseum Reverses Decision

Newseum Reverses Decision to Honor Hamas-Linked Journalists Following Pressure

The Newseum announced Monday that it will not honor two cameramen killed while working for Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV, reversing a Friday decision to include them on a memorial for fallen journalists following pressure from conservative media outlets and organizations supporting Israel. To read more, click here.

Proposal for OK Museums

Okla. Senate Unveils $80M plan for 2 New Museums

The  Oklahoma Senate unveiled a new plan on Thursday to divert $80 million in state  sales and use taxes over a four-year period to pay for the completion of an  American Indian museum in Oklahoma City and build a new popular culture museum  in Tulsa.

A  Senate budget committee approved both measures, which next must be considered by  a similar committee in the House, where the proposals are likely to face  strong resistance. To read more, click here.

PTM CEO Resigns

Please Touch Museum Chief Resigns

Please Touch Museum president and CEO Laura Foster is stepping down. Foster, leader of the museum for five years, said Tuesday that it was a good time for her to move on. To read more, click here.

Request to Examine Khmer Antiquities

Cambodia Presses U.S. Museums to Relinquish Antiquities

Buoyed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s decision this month to return two stolen statues, Cambodia is asking other museums to examine any Khmer antiquities they acquired after 1970, when a 20-year period of civil war and genocide gave thieves free range to loot the country’s ancient temples. To read more, click here.

Slave Cabin to NMAAHC

Antebellum Slave Cabin in S.C. to be Restored for African American History Museum

Curators at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture are working with restoration experts to dismantle an antebellum slave cabin on Point of Pines Plantation in Edisto Island, S.C. The cabin was donated to the museum last month by the Edisto Island Historical Society. The two-room cabin, which measures 16 by 20 feet, is believed to be in its original location and will become part of the “Slavery and Freedom” exhibition in Washington when the museum opens its doors in 2015. To read more, click here.

What headlines caught your eye this week?

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