What Happened in Museums this Week?

What Happened in Museums This Week? February 2 – February 8

Community-Curated Open Studio Project

Brooklyn Museum Tests A Democratic Model

For years, Gabrielle Watson kept her art to herself. She painted large, expressionistic oil portraits of friends and relatives in her Crown Heights apartment when she wasn’t at her day job as a lawyer. Some of her friends didn’t even know about her art habit.

That changed in September when Ms. Watson, who is 31, “came out” as an artist by participating in “GO,” an open-studio weekend organized by the Brooklyn Museum, during which artists of every level across the borough welcomed the public into their work spaces. To read more, click here.


Symbol of French Republic Defaced in Art Attack

A woman has defaced Eugene Delacroix‘s painting “Liberty Leading the People” with a black marker as it hung in an outpost of the Louvre gallery in northern France. To read more, click here.

Ice Age Art

British Museum Puts Art From the Ice Age on Show

The art world loves hype. Works are touted as the biggest, the rarest, the most expensive.

Even in an age of superlatives, the British Museum has something special — the oldest known figurative art in the world.

The artworks on display in the new exhibition “Ice Age Art” are so old that many are carved from the tusks of woolly mammoths.

But it’s not just their age that may surprise visitors. It’s their artistry. To read more, click here.

Kinetic Closure?

Kinetic Museum at Risk of Closure

Fans and gawkers who follow the goings-on of the Kinetic Kingdom will feel a certain deja-vu, but no surprise, to hear that the historic Ferndale Kinetic Museum is once again at risk of closure for lack of funds, and is appealing to the community for help.

”We find ourselves in the same position we were in when we reached out to the public in the fall of 2011,” said Kati Texas, president of Kinetic Universe, the nonprofit organization that runs the Kinetic Grand Championship and the Ferndale Kinetic Museum. “We asked for help, and we received donations and practical assistance that kept the museum going until now. We are deeply grateful for that.” To read more, click here.

Pop-Up Apple Museum

Apple Museum to Pop-Up at Vintage Computer Festival Outside Atlanta

Even though I feel that Apple should think different on the issue, Phil Schiller has made it perfectly clear, there will not be an Apple museum in the company’s futuristic, spaceship campus when it opens in 2016.

All is not lost however. Fans will be able to get their fill of Apple paraphernalia at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast (VCFSE) when it opens in the greater Atlanta region in late April. To read more, click here.

To Be Returned

Matisse Painting to be Returned to Venezuela Museum Where It was Stolen More Than a Decade Ago

Raul Grioni is president of Venezuela’s Cultural Patrimony Institute and he tells The Associated Press that the painting “Odalisque in Red Pants” is to be returned from the United States within three to five weeks. To read more, click here.

What headlines caught your eye this week?

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