An Open Letter to the President: Call Me Maybe?

Did you know that this week is (or should I say was – it is Friday, after all) Invite Congress to Visit Your Museum Week? Did your institution participate? Personally, I did not. I’m still pretty new to the Ohio Historical Society (yesterday made 1 month at the new job, btw! I can’t believe it!) and my schedule has been pretty full. However, as I was reading my Twitter feed this morning, like I do every morning, I saw that President Barack Obama will be in Columbus, Ohio next week. I may have missed out on Invite Congress to Visit Your Museum Week but there’s no way I’m going to miss the opportunity to invite the POTUS to visit me (and my institution, of course).

Below is an open letter to the POTUS.

Dear Mr. President,


Hello! How are you? Pretty busy I imagine since campaign season is in full swing. Plus on top of campaigning you are the President, so I expect that your plate is pretty full. Well, here I am, just a girl from Ohio asking the President of the United States to tour her museum.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jamie Glavic. I’m a museum professional. What do I do? I am the strategic projects coordinator at the Ohio Historical Society (OHS). What does that mean? My job function is to find new ways to generate revenue so that we can better serve the people of Ohio.

I love museums; I always have. The first time I saw a dinosaur skeleton at the Anniston Museum of Natural History changed my life. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it – but I knew I wanted to hang out in museums. Hanging out in museums turned into working for a museum – so I’m a pretty happy person. And I’d like to share some of that happiness with you. I’m writing to ask you to visit OHS while you are in Columbus, Ohio next week. I’ll even give you a tour, with the assistance of some of my colleagues (I’m still pretty new but I’m sure I’ll be able to find a few volunteers to assist me).

As you may know, museums across the country are playing a key role in education – welcoming 90 million students each year, training teachers, serving homeschoolers and much more. Museums are also playing a key economic role, spending $20 billion in communities and supporting 400,000 jobs nationally. Many museums are also offering innovative programming:  working with under-served youth, offering programs for families dealing with autism or Alzheimer’s, and welcoming military families free of charge. [Thank you, AAM.]

What I’m trying to say is: museums are essential.

Conway the Mastodon

If you have the time to visit OHS I can introduce you to two of our collections superstars: Conway the Mastodon and Buttons, the last documented wild passenger pigeon anywhere in the world. Additionally, OHS is home to Ohio treasures like the original 1803 state constitution, 434 Civil War-era battle flags and the Adena Pipe, representing the 15,000 years of human existence on the land we now call Ohio.

As stated previously, I’m new to OHS and my schedule has been crazy, though not as crazy as yours I’m sure. That being said, I would be honored to give you a tour of my new digs if your schedule permits.

Call me maybe?

Best regards, Mr. President.

Jamie Glavic

Please feel free to share this letter if you are so inclined. If you had the opportunity to talk to the President about your institution, what would you like to share?

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the President: Call Me Maybe?

  1. We had representatives from both of our Senator’s offices respond to our invitations and visit us at the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa here in Memphis. I am curious as to how many folks actually end up inviting their elected officials to visit and then how many show up. As stated in the Ford Bell letter announcing the the program, inviting our elected officials to visit our museums is an excellent platform to respond to the assumptions such as in the HR Bill resolution to reduce funding to IMLS that Museums are only for the elite. Having the representatives as a captive audience for one hour each allowed us to preach the museum gospel of relevance to the general public whose cultural heritage we are charged to present and preserve. I think such opportunities are an excellent investment of our time!

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