I Have An Announcement…

I have an announcement…

A chapter in my life is closing. I am leaving the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

I have enjoyed my five years at the NURFC. I have had the opportunity to grow, learn and spread my museo-wings (who knew that I would discover some graphic design talent along the way?!). My NURFC journey has had its ups and downs (whose journey hasn’t?) but I am leaving this great institution optimistic about its future, grateful for all of the opportunities it has provided and proud of my accomplishments/contributions.

In my many roles at the NURFC I have had the distinct pleasure of working with nearly every staff member, at one point or another. The NURFC staff is dedicated and passionate. I will be forever thankful for their kindness, guidance and support.

I am excited for the next step of my career and the new challenges/opportunities that await me.

So, what am I doing?

I have accepted the position of Strategic Projects Coordinator at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, Ohio.

I am excited but this week I need a little help – my twitter handle has been @NURFCjamie for years now. As I move to a new institution and a new position, what should I change it to?

15 thoughts on “I Have An Announcement…

  1. Wow – big news! Congratulations Jamie on your new career at OHS! It sounds like an exciting move and I wish you the very best. How about using museum minute in your twitter name?

    • Thanks, Conny! What do you think of the following: @MuseumMinutejamie (too long?), @MMjamie (confused with M&M’s?) or @MuseMinJamie

      • If you are asking the crowd… Of the the three, I like @MMjamie – short enough for 138 other characters when people want to mention/reference you.

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  3. So, I’m a fan of alot of the names I’ve seen! I really like the following:

    Here are my suggestions:
    @spiritanimalelite….my personal fav 🙂
    @mybeautifulfriendwhomIwillmiss….this might be to long though

    Congratulations again, I am truly happy for you!

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