SHA is an Awesome “Camp” for Adults in Our Field

The weekend is upon us and there are 4 days left (including today) to apply for the Seminar for Historical Administration. The “Why Should You Attend SHA?” 11 posts in 11 days from the SHA Class of 2011 continues today with Cynthia Capers (@eighthcyn), Associate Director of Education and Changing Exhibitions at the Holocaust Museum Houston in Houston, Texas.

Summer camps are often maligned in pop music. Yet many of us have great childhood memories of going to camps — the fun, friends and (sometimes) learning new things. Well, it may not be during the summer, but SHA is an awesome “camp” for adults in our field.

The faculty will inspire you to consider new ways to be integrative and forward-thinking. You are asked to consider what it would take for your to be a leader at your site – no matter where you are in the hierarchy. You have the positives of your site reinforced. You get to bring the conundrums to a safe place and explore how to address them. You get to take the time to really consider options of change and through some exercises truly think about what change would look like. And you get to do all of this because the agenda permits time for all areas of a museum or historic site to be addressed!

But, like all camp experiences, it is the people you meet who become your life-long colleagues and friends. This “camp” is much like Vegas – what happens there stays there (unless your sing-a-long gets put on YouTube). So, you get to have honest and meaningful discussions during the sessions. But there are also those conversations that go on until 2am. They are filled with so much laughter and random thoughts, you realize it’s been too long since those conversations. And you return to your site 3 weeks later happier, renewed and excited about the possibilities. You find new people at work who can help you keep the momentum going. And you know exactly why you do what you do, where you do it; only you see it all with an amazing sense of new possibilities.

Thanks, Cyn!

Applications for SHA are due by EOD, Monday, May 21. For more information about SHA, or to apply, click here.

“Why Should You Attend SHA?”

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