SHA is a Career-Changing Experience

Today’s “Why Should You Attend SHA?” Museum Minute blog post is brought to you by one of my favorite people, Becca Loofbourrow (@rloofbou), Coordinator of the Indiana Jr. Historical Society at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Why is Becca one of my favorite people?

  • She is obsessed with the Barenaked Ladies. I am not, however, Becca is the first person I have ever met that made me feel awesome for knowing all of the words to “One Week.” Win!
  • She is a natural songstress; give her a beat and she’ll crack you up with her creativity. “I think we’re at SHA now,” anyone? Check it out.
  • Becca was honest and transparent throughout the entire SHA process. Mark Sundlov said in his “Why Should You Attend SHA?” post that, “SHA is not for the light-hearted.” I couldn’t agree more. Your SHA experience will be determined by what you are willing to put into it, and Becca gave her all. I admire her for that.
  • Last but not least, Becca was our personal tour guide of Indianapolis for three weeks. She made sure we were fed, had plenty of cold beverages and even drove a few of us around on random errands. Thanks, Becca.

Now that you know how AWESOME Becca is, here’s her “Why Should You Attend SHA?” post:

Becca leading the Indiana Jr. Historical Society flash mob!

SHA was a career-changing experience that led me to think broader, break down walls of insecurity that were holding me back professionally and provided clarity and a vision for the future that has propelled me every day since November.

When I applied for SHA, I was in a career rut and had lost sight of myself. I wanted to do more but was unsure and afraid of what that meant. I let others take charge of things I should have stepped up to do. My lack of confidence had stifled my leadership abilities and creativity.

After spending three weeks with the field’s best and brightest, I can honestly say my entire outlook and attitude had transformed. I felt motivated and determined to provide new, creative outreach to Indiana’s students. My desire to lead had been restored and I was ready to take charge and move forward.

Being in an environment of supportive, encouraging and all around fantastic colleagues provided the greatest professional development experience of my life. I feel privileged to have been a part of the SHA class of 2011 and am grateful for the lasting friendships and support network I gained.

SHA is a unique opportunity that will take you to the next level of learning and professionalism. Invest in yourself and your institution—apply for SHA today.

There are 7 days left (including today) to apply for the Seminar for Historical Administration. Applications are due by EOD, Monday, May 21. For more information about the SHA, or to apply, click here.

“Why Should You Attend SHA?”

#11: Attending professional conferences is no substitute for the SHA experience! (Bob Hart)

 #10: SHA is the optimal learning environment. (Kyle McKoy)

#9: SHA: Unbeatable professional training & powerful personal relationships (Mark Sundlov)

#8: SHA: A Fertile Environment for Real Learning, Powerful Networking & Organizational Change (Jason Crabill)

#7: SHA is a Career-Changing Experience (Becca Loofbourrow)

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