Application Deadline for SHA: May 21

SHA Class of 2011

The Seminar for Historical Administration (SHA) application deadline is May 21. SHA is hosted at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis.

What is SHA? SHA is the longest-running professional development seminar in the country specifically targeted to full-time, paid staff of history institutions with a minimum of three years of challenging work experience in the history field and who are now in a position of administrative responsibility or are preparing for such a position.

SHA requires a financial and time commitment. The cost for the three week seminar is about $3,500. Yes, I said three weeks. And no, your institution will not sink if you are away for three weeks. I promise.

SHA is an investment. It’s worth it.

Please note: There are additional applications for the 2012 Diversity Fellowship and the 2012 Denny O’Toole Scholarship to assist in covering the cost of SHA.

I am a proud graduate of SHA 2011; the 52nd class in 53 years. I returned from SHA more knowledgeable, confident and prepared to offer new ideas, take risks, be bold and lead.

SHA was full of “a-ha” moments, opportunities to personally meet top leaders in the field and, of course, plenty of late night discussions regarding the future of museums and the professional paths of myself and my classmates.

Interested? Not sure?

If you have any questions about SHA or want to know more about my experience, ask!

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