Interactive Timelines: Fantastic, fun, and free!

The Washington Post has used it to chart the progression of events ranging from the captivity of miners in Chile to the many marriages of Elizabeth Taylor. You can use it to document the milestones of absolutely anything that interests you, and it’s free!

It’s dipity. Once you create a free account, you can make an illustrated, interactive timeline of events in a manner of minutes. You type in a date and short caption for each event, upload a corresponding image (absolutely optional), and then you have a fantastic timeline of events featuring your topic.

We recently created a dipity timeline for our 175th anniversary milestones, and it has been been very popular. It provides a sweeping representation of the many things that have happened at our institution, and it demonstrates the legacy of events–both big and small– that make us who we are.

Timelines don’t have to be as official and serious as ours. It could take me weeks to fully explore this compendium of time wasters (complied by user tatercakes):

One thought on “Interactive Timelines: Fantastic, fun, and free!

  1. This is really interesting! The Surrey Archives has been looking for an application to use to put a Surrey history timeline on the city’s website, and had to rule a couple of them out because they wouldn’t work on the website. I’ll bring this app to the team’s attention.

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