Preserving Boxes

Ah, boxes. If you’re a collector of something that comes in a box, then you know that preserving the box can be a key part of retaining the item’s value. Museum folks preserve boxes because, well, if an item finds itself in the collection, it needs to be preserved.* And still, other people wish to preserve boxes if they contain something special or if they’re still being actively used to hold things!

A long-time friend, game inventor and past Museum Minute guest-blogger, Kim Vandenbroucke, recently asked me to write about how her readers could best preserve their board game boxes, whether they’re collectors or active players. I was honored to write blog post on the subject, which is posted in full on Kim’s blog The Game Aisle. I was also honored to see an excerpt of my post on Global Toy News — now there’s somewhere I’d never thought I’d be published.

So this week, why don’t you hop on over to The Game Aisle and see what I have to say. What do you think? How would you preserve your old copy of Candy Land?

*That must be the shortest explanation of collections policies and collecting scopes ever. Eh?

One thought on “Preserving Boxes

  1. Thanks for posting about this article– I have to say when it initially posted on The Game Aisle it got a lot of great feedback. Games are interesting because people/families tend to keep them for years — if not generations — and depending on when they were made, the quality of the box could be very poor so it was great to get some tips (and share those tips with other game geeks) on how to preserve our favorite games so they’re still playable long into the future!

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