WANTED: Writers

After a brief hiatus (whoops) Museum Minute is up and running again …but for the near future, I will be limiting my posts to once or twice a week.

Because of this, I would like to invite my museum colleagues to join me as contributing writers.

Seeking: One or two people who work in the museum profession (or is professionally trained and looking for work, or someone who is an active volunteer – you know, someone within the profession), who can commit to one short (200-400) post per week that pertains to something museum related (job duties, professional development, experience as a museum visitor; read my past posts to see the wide variety of topics that are possible.)

Candidates must understand that this blog is not for bashing (if you can’t say something nice about a particular exhibit or institution, don’t write about it) and that occasional posts about your job are okay, but your post needs to promote more than just your  institution.

I am also looking for someone who could also do some web design to make the site snazzier, but that’s not a requirement.

One more thing: there is no compensation, sorry.

To Apply:
Please send a brief cover letter and bio to me (Lindsey) at I’m only planning to choose one or maybe two people, so if I don’t choose you, start your own blog instead!

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