On Exhibit: Social Media & Museums

Well, hello!

It’s been over a month since my last “daily” post (ha!), but I’ve been thinking about my dear ol’ Museum Minute often. It’s good to be back.

Since I’m a bit rusty in the blogging department, I’m going to just give a little shout out to an event I’m participating in on May 9, 2011: The Des Moines 140 Character Conference. I am looking forward to speaking about the role of social media in museums. My presentation is only 10 minutes long, so I won’t be able to cover everything, but I’m hoping to shed some light on what’s going on in the museum field.

I speak at 2:30; I hope you can make it to my “session”:

On Exhibit: Social Media and Museums
The growing presence of social medial within the museum field and the impact it is having on both museums and their guests.

Oh, and why is it called the 140 Conference? Well, that is the limit of characters allowed per tweet on the social media site Twitter. (If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow me at

The conference speakers span a multitude of professions and I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say. If you’re in Des Moines, I hope to see you there. And if not, I believe some of the days events will be available for viewing on the website.

See you on the 9th!

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