On a Roll: Textile Storage (part 2)

OKAY. Today, this will be short and sweet. Promise.

In my second post about rolling textiles (read the first post here), I want talk about what to do with the rolls when you’re done with them.

This is a simple DIY for any museum to build, and is a great way to get some non-collections folks involved. There are a few easy ways to do this, but here is one option:

What you need:

1. A ceiling, top of a shelving unit, or something similar

2. Chain, cut into two long pieces

3. Piping, one for each “rung”, measuring at least 6 inches longer than your rolled textiles so you have plenty of room to work with. Pipes should have a small hole drilled in it on each edge.

3. S hooks, to attach the pipe to the chain.
(Both photos are from the Amherst Museum, 2002)

How to do it:

1. Hang the chain by either supporting it from the ceiling, or from a shelving unit. Make sure it can support the weight of all of your textiles and the chain.

2. Feed the pipe through the textile roll, and attach to the chain using the S-hook (see the image)

…and, you’re done. Amazing.

How do you hang your rolled textiles?

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