For All Ages

I’m a big fan of trying all sorts of interactive elements on exhibit–even those that are obviously geared toward the lil’ ones.

At our recent visit to the Science Center of Iowa, we had a fun time exploring When Things Get Moving experience platform. This is their newest and dare I say, most popular (?) of the platforms (they use the term platform instead of exhibit.) It contains all the things kids need to have fun: cars, blocks, paper airplanes, balls, and water. It even has a place where you can wrap an “egg” in padding, send it up in the air, and see how it survives the fall.

And as you can see, we “big kids” had a lot of fun – and actually learned a couple things (I’ll admit it — I did!)

The Ultimate Domino Obstacle Course


The Ball Wall

Today’s post is short and sweet, but I hope it inspires you to give the kid-centered exhibit interactive elements a chance. Sometimes a simple, hands-on activity can teach more than a computer screen or long, descriptive exhibit label.

Next time I visit, I’ll have to bring along a little kid and get their perspective. Ooh, perhaps I can even interview them for the blog! 🙂 Wouldn’t that be fun?

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